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Jeff  started Studio Energi in 2003 with the intention to create a place where people could come to share their love of fitness.  A place where its members would not only realize and exceed their fitness goals and dreams, but also become part of a family that laughs, motivates and inspires each other.

Jeff founded Team Energi, Studio Energi’s triathlon training squad, as an extension of his background and knowledge as a former professional triathlete.

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Jeff Beech



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Certified Personal Trainer

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Viktoria Must

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With a background in triathlons, golf, hockey, mountain biking, snowshoe, soccer, yoga, weight and strength training, Jim is able to provide insight into almost every aspect of fitness training.  A triathlete for over 20 years, Jim has completed over 10 marathons and 2 Ironman races.  He specializes in sport-specific training and his experience as a firefighter and hockey coach make him a well-rounded trainer perfect for anyone looking to improve their game, or just to gain everyday strength and stamina.

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Jim Smuck


Studio Energi would like to welcome Melissa Nobbs to our team of amazing personal trainers! Melissa completed a B.Sc. in Health and Human Performance Wellness Promotion from Austin Peay State University where she competed for four years in NCAA Track and Field and Cross Country. A certified personal trainer, TRX instructor, Kettle Bell instructor and AquaJog teacher with over five years of personal training experience, Melissa is an accomplished athlete whose incredible energy, experience and knowledge make her a top notch personal trainer for anyone looking to improve their fitness or achieve their athletic goals.

Melissa Nobbs

A Canfitpro personal training specialist with a BScN Nursing degree, Lactation Consultant and Pre and Post-natal Fitness Specialist in the works, Kristin is a pro when it comes to understanding the human body!

After 10 years competitive figure skating, 3 years competitive university cheerleading and dance, and 4 years coaching learn-to-skate, Kristin’s passion for health and fitness is clear. However, it was only after her own journey of losing weight and learning to incorporate fitness into my adult life and busy schedule did she decided to pursue her personal training certification and help others along that journey.

After being pregnant and having her daughter last year, Kristin gained a new awareness of the challenges and special considerations of pre-natal/post-natal health and fitness. As such, she is currently pursuing her specialization in prenatal/postnatal fitness as well as continuing education as a lactation consultant and nursing student,  and looks forward to incorporating this into her work as a personal trainer.

Kristin Barlow


Growing up with a competitive spirit that only having an older brother can inspire, Ashley has been active in sports since she was in elementary school.  After fracturing her neck playing rugby in 2003, Ashley was forced to take a break from the “contact” sports and took up distance running (Marathons were only slightly more crazy than women’s rugby, she figured). A CanFit Personal Training Specialist who has worked for over 8 years in the corporate world, Ashley knows that business trips, overtime and sick family members “happen”. Understanding the pressure we all face to “do it all”, Ashley encourages her clients to make themselves a priority.

“When the oxygen mask comes down, you put it on your own face first.  You can’t help anyone else when you’re struggling to breathe.”

Ashley Sametz